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Warranty Certificate

Since the 01.01.95, all our appliances comply with CE and possess the CE label. Our guarantee is of 24 months from the manufacturing date mentioned on the descriptive plate, except concerning the asynchronous motors (consisting of a rotor and a stator) which are warranted for 5 years from their manufacturing date. Warranty is strictly limited to the free replacement of any part of origin recognized by us as defective due to a defect or building default and identified as belonging to the concerned appliance. Warranty does not apply to damages resulting from installation or use non-complying with our appliance data sheet (user’s manual) or in case of an evident lack of maintenance or disrespect of elementary security electric rules. It does not apply in case of regular wear and tear. Any replacement of parts under warranty will be realized after return of the defective part in our workshops, postage paid, supported by a copy of a conformity statement on which appears the serial number of the appliance. Every appliance is equipped with a descriptive plate conforming to the EC recommendations and of which a duplicate exists in the conformity statement (serial number, manufacturing date, electrical characteristics …). In case of serious damage judged repairable only in our workshops, and after prior consent from our departments, any appliance under guarantee is sent by the Distributor, carriage paid. In case of repairs or reconditioning of appliances not under guarantee, the round trip transport is payable by the distributor. The parts and workforce are invoiced at the current rate. A preliminary estimate can be supplied.

Coffee grinder not using SANTOS original burrs are not taken under guarantee. The warranty conditions, repairs, reconditioning, of the espresso coffee grinder are the object of a specific note. Our guarantee does not extend to the payment of penalties, the repair of direct or indirect damages and notably to any loss of income resulting from the nonconformity or the defectiveness of products, SANTOS's global responsibility being limited to the sale price of the delivered product and to the possible repair of the defective products. 

In case of revelation of an imperfection during the warranty period, the Distributor has to, unless a different written agreement of SANTOS, indicate to his customer to stop any use of the defective product. Such a use would release SANTOS of any responsibility.

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